Monday, June 05, 2006

what about the ugly ones?

many people love cute animals. we like fluffy kittens and adorable puppies, little furry creatures of the forest and so forth. we like to hear stories of rescued animals; a goose freed from the ice on a frozen lake; a beached whale being hoisted back into the ocean (beached probably because he was attempiting to escape the unbearable sonar frequencies underwater) ; or a cat rescued from a tree. all these creatures we consider to be pretty animals and enjoy admiring them just as we enjoy the aesthetic pleasure we receive from the pretty plants that we adorn our gardens and living rooms with.

but what about the ugly animals and plants? why is it that we find some animals attractive and some plants desirable and others hideous and unappealing? do these so called ugly beings not deserve a fair shot at existence too without our attempting to eradicate them, especially in the case of what people have deemed to be...WEEDS 'ARRRRGGGGG , not a weed, kill it, get rid of it, poison it!'?

I am a vegan not because i love animals (which of course i do) or because of their appearance but because i respect the fact that they are individuals who are capable of having a good of their own (ie things can fair well for them or things can go badly for them). they are beings capable of experiencing pain and suffering. our skewed sense of what we think is desirable leaves all those plants and animals (and many humans) who we have selected to be undesirable, on the outside of our circle of those we consider worthy of existing and so we eliminate them, perhaps not even directly by killing them but by ignoring them (which in many cases amounts to the same thing).

perhaps we should admire plants, people and nonhuman animals not so much for their external beauty or usefulness to us but rather come more to appreciate the fact that they too have an existence which like us simply wants to be.

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