Monday, June 05, 2006

the decision to breed has a major impact on the other creatures of this planet

there are many human beings on this planet who are taking away land, water and clean air from many, many other creatures who also inhabit the earth. people keep breeding, that is the crux of the problem. recently in a vegan forum i posed the question 'to breed or not to breed...what can be done about human overpopulation' and placed it in the breeders forum, not the environment forum or any other but i placed it where i felt it would have the most impact, targeting those who do the breeding. now i don't care if you're a vegan or a nonvegan, if you are breeding you are bringing children into a world that is grossly overpopulated. if i were to be a voice for the wild animals i would tell people 'please please stop you are taking what belongs to all for yourself'. in this forum there were issues dealing with such important matters as little helpful baby tips, how to raise MY little sprog, this is MY child, everything was concerned with the little family provincial circle. Fuck the family. extend your circle of concern for the rest of the creatures on this planet.

yes certainly being a vegan minimizes one's impact on the planet but if the worst thing that has happened to a vegan breeder today is that her feelings have been hurt because someone has implied that she was a part of the problem of overpopulation, GROW UP for christ's sake thank fuck you're not a part of the millions of animals everyday who are losing a home to human expansion, thank the lord dog almighty you are not a battery chicken or a veal calf. how in the hell is it out of order to say to someone who is having children to consider the impact this sprog will have on the planet. again if i am to put myself in the position of an animal left without land i would say precisely what i said today.

i do not hate children there are just way too many people in this world and we are all suffering for it. by the way i made the comment that perhaps we should put this in the "breeders who are a part of the problem of human overpopulation but don't want to be confronted by it" category, well let me tell you, suddenly the shit hit the fan. who wants to admit that they are not the great thoughtful people they thought they were and indeed play a role in many of the problems which surround them. are all people who have children a part of the problem? let me just say, here in the middle class to rich west we are very comfortable with our exploitation of the rest of the world or even our own backyard for that matter. we can make the choice to breed or not to breed. and we are all so happy when we have a new addition to our little happy family. so keep driving your SUV sweet pea keep working on your race of atomic supermen because whether you like it or not and whether i'm here to throw it in your face or not, the problem of human overpopulation will always exist if people continue to breed. then when misery and vice rears it's ugly head i'll be shaking mine saying, 'fucking selfish breeders'.

as long as my family is taken care of fuck it, it's natural. okay then if it's natural get pregnant every 10 months and see how enjoyable that is, hey it's natural. just because something is natural that does not make it desirable or beneficial.

so look the bottom line is this, think, do the right and kind thing, care about the impact your decisions are going to have on all other creatures on earth including humans.we do many hurtful things to other beings without even realizing it and yes over breeding is THE major issue confronting us today. I am sorry if i offended you, it was not my intention but when one is a voice for the animals he will indubitably offend people, whether vegan or nonvegan.

that is all.....for now

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