Wednesday, June 14, 2006


AFTER BROWSING THROUGH the veganarchist's vent

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Animal Rights

Veganism means refraining from the consumption of animals for food or the use of animal ingredients in clothing or any other products. It means avoiding all products which make use of animal testing.

Vegans believe that to intentionally cause harm to another living being is morally indefensible; that all sentient creatures have a right to live their lives free from harm that people infict upon them. Humans do not need to consume any animal products to sustain a healthy, happy and active lifestyle. In fact, many vegans are substantially healthier that those who eat animals or their byproducts however the primary reason for veganism is not the health of the individual person but the health of the animals who are not killed for food, exploited for their skin, fur, bones etc. or used against their will in countless experiments.

There are many alternatives to using animals for food, clothing or various other products. Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and soy products are, in addition to being delicious, all the body needs with regard to proper nutrition. There are synthetic materials available for clothes which again obviates the need for any animal products.

There are also many safer methods, both for ourselves and certainly for the animals, to test for the safety of various goods and the reliability of drugs. The main problem, aside from the immorality of using animals as mere tools for our benefit, is the difficulty if not the impossibility of extrapolating the data obtained from these tests on nonhumans to humans.

Anarchists believe in the autonomy of the individual. They believe in self-government. They seek to obtain a just balance between personal freedom and social responsibility without the external constraints of artificially imposed rules and regulations that protect the strong at the expense of the more vulnerable.

To be an anarchist means living ones life in such a way that one is aware of the suffering of others. An anarchist believes that one should always be mindful of the choices he or she makes so as to minimize the harm that could be caused to another person. This would mean avoiding those products or companies which make use of unfair labor practices (eg sweatshops). It means not supporting military action to resolve conflicts. It means repudiating the use of retaliatory violence which can only lead to more revenge and bloodshed.

There are many goods and services available to an individual which enable him or her to maintain a comfortable lifestyle which need not cause suffering to other people. Do not support those businesses which profit at the expense of the suffering of another. Buy clothes from stores which do not use sweatshop labor or amass tremendous profit on the backs of the toil of their employees.

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