Tuesday, June 06, 2006


many people believe that it is our dog given right to have children, indeed it is our obligation. they believe that to make the world a better place we must fill it up with more humans to find solutions to the problems created by those already existing. in many ways it is similar to defiling an area where you live then going somewhere else to leave the problem for someone else to take care of. there are many areas of the world that are overpopulated, there are many that are underpopulated. perhaps the population of many western nations is stabilizing but there are many others that are growing at phenomenal rates. are the underpopulated countries willing to allow those from the overpopulated to reside in their country? are the wealthy nations willing to allow those from the poorer countries to come in and make a home? look at what is happening in the u.s. with people fom mexico wanting to come over the border into america. perhaps instead of selfishly filling the world with humans of our choice, the ones that spring from our bodies, we ought to have that same compassion for every being on this planet like we do for 'our own' children and attempt reconciliation and understanding with the people of the earth who already exist rather than tossing more fuel on the fire by filling it up with more humans, vegan or nonvegan.

addendum: if one is 'offended' by the term breeder, calling one by a prettier name does not take way from the fact that that is precisely what they are. a rose by any other name

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