Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alison Redford Does Not Speak For All Albertans

the premier of alberta, alison redford (who no one except PC party delegates voted for), said today regarding president obama's decision to reject the keystone xl pipeline,
on behalf of albertans, i think i need to say that we are disappointed. we believe this is an important project for alberta. we believe it’s important for alberta’s economy and for canada’s economy.
fuck you alison redford. you do not speak for me. you are an embarrassment to this province and country with your pro-oil & gas, anti-environment stance. you say keystone's important for our economy? don't you mean, terrible for our ecology? what would in fact be good for our economy, is creating jobs in renewable energy today for a cleaner and greener country tomorrow, and not continuing on this dirty, toxic, suicidal path dictated by the oil industry..

she also said,
today’s decision does not mean that america will consume one less barrel of oil. what it means is this: america will continue to import oil from jurisdictions with much weaker environmental policies and who do not share the same values as canadians and americans.
weaker environmental policies? same values? you mean dropping out of the kyoto protocol showed strong values and support for the environment? perhaps countries like china have weaker environmental policies. is that why canada wants to build the northern gateway pipeline through BC and ship alberta's dirty bitumen to china, enabling them to continue polluting just so canada can make a few bucks? shameful and despicable! it's these kinds of values i believe we can all do without, ms redford.

today's decision to reject the pipeline is a small victory for clean air, land and water. the bigger victories lie ahead, when backward thinking people like alison redford and her redneck tory cronies (of which she is the head crone), and stephen son-of-an-oil-executive harper and his band of blue meanies, are ousted from power for good, and replaced with those who actually give a damn about the future of this planet and living sustainably with all those who share it with us.

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