Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food Inc. [2008] (watch the full movie)

Food Inc. from PC_Alim on Vimeo.

The more people become aware of how our food is produced, the more people will not allow companies like Monsanto and Tyson to continue with the kinds of horrendous abuses of people, animals, and our environment they are currently getting away with.

These companies may have the money to influence and buy our elected officials, many of whom are former members of the very corporations they are supposed to regulate, but once people learn the truth about how these greedy, deceitful manipulators operate, they will act in unison to put the fuckers out of business for a manner similar to the way the tobacco industry has been crippled.

The masses are awakening!

from the movie:
If you take feedlot cattle off of their corn diet, give them grass for five days, they will shed 80% of the E. coli in their gut 
But of course that's not what the industry does. The industry's approach is -- when it has a systematic problem like that -- is not to go back and see what's wrong with the system, it's to come up some high-tech fixes that allow the system to survive.
those who make obscene amounts of money off of a system, will do everything in their power to see to it that the system continues working in their favor, in order for them to continue to grow and maximize their profits. government regulations on the oil and gas industry, or the banks, or any other for profit business, are only temporary measures that can easily be undone by future administrations through corporate lobbying.

we must all question and change the very system itself, and indeed ourselves for being complicit in such an unjust and immoral arrangement that would allow an individual or corporation to commit acts of grievous harm upon another sentient, feeling being in the name of financial gain. for if we do not, then as jeff spicoli might say, "we'll just be bogus too", and we will all deserve and suffer the consequences of our thoughtless, cruel, and ignorant actions.
As an environmentalist, it was pretty clear to me that business was the source of all the pollution, business was the source of basically all the things that were destroying this world.

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