Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Forest [original song]

i was breathing the forest and drinking some "tea",
then decided to lie by a sibilant stream.
as the colors around me were starting to change,
i heard this song once, then twice over again.

i wondered aloud, "from whence does it come;
from the east or the west, from below or above?"
well long about then passed a grizzly bear cub
with a mouthful of berries and bowlful of grubs.

i said, "do you mind, may i have some to eat?"
he gave me a smile as he shat on my feet.
but there in the mixture of blueberry poo
was a diamond and emerald. he said, "they're for you".

i stood with a start. i was flattered and floored.
a bear never gave me some jewels before.
i said, "that's so kind, i have nothing for you,
except all my love so undying and true."

well wouldn't you know, he was taken aback.
he arose on two feet and then roared with a laugh.
he said, "i'm so happy. i'm loved, i am loved!"
then we sang and we danced and embraced with a hug.

but soon the time came when we had to take leave.
me back to the city and he among trees.
we promised each other that we'd stay in touch,
as we said our good-byes and our see-yas and such.

but that was the last that i saw of my friend.
sometimes i do wonder what happened to him.
i donated both of those jewels he gave
to a group that keeps all of our forests in place.

as more and more habitat's lost for the bears
to greed, and consumption, and those unaware
of the damage we do to our good planet earth,
we must stop all our harm, and start to preserve.

this planet belongs to our animal kin
with two legs or more, or no legs or fins.
it belongs to the flowers, the grass, and the shrubs,
the trees of the forest, and grizzly bear cubs.

this tune from that day is so deeply ingrained,
as it whirls and wriggles around in my brain.
i never did find from the whence it did came,
but i love this song once, and twice over again.

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