Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Alberta Tory MLAs Take $70,000 Jaunt to Jasper, at Taxpayers Expense!

a tory staff member tried to justify this robbery of alberta taxpayers by saying, "companies and organizations often hold off-site retreats. there is value in that you get away from distractions at the office, and you send a message to your team that this is important and we have important work to do."

WHAT? i'm sorry, but to my ears, the words you speak seem to be coming out of your ass. if this just happens all the time and is business as usual for these alberta tory caucus-suckers, doesn't that make it even more egregious?

and for another thing, this isn't just some "company" or "organization", it's OUR government, playing with OUR money, and WE should have a say in how that money is to be spent.

and if it continues to be spent on frivolity like this, then perhaps we should all do as henry david thoreau did, and become conscientious objectors of the inequitable system that allows this to carry on, and stop giving the government our money for these unjust and immoral expenditures.

i suspect the time has come for them to actually cease holding these "off-site retreats" at tax payers expense and show some respect to the voters. it's very easy to live the high life when it's someone else footing the bill.

and last week, another "cabinet tour" by redford's dunderheads cost the alberta taxpayers $100,000. what the fuck is going on here?

this is not why i pay taxes. that money is supposed to be for the benefit of ALL albertans, not so these already rich thieves can go on a little pre-election vacation where they won't be "distracted".

and any funds that are spent on nonsense like this three-day excursion, are taken away from important community necessities like schools, health care, rapid transit, libraries, infrastructure, social programs, and so on.

but oh no, they don't want to be distracted. oh that's rich, that is. jesus christ...hold a meeting in alison redford's basement or something, or better yet, go to the fucking library and among real folks for a change, instead of being so separated from the people you are supposed to represent.

you know, those people who have in good conscience trusted you to act responsibly and with a certain degree of ethical decency.

notice i said people, and not the oil and gas industry, who have been accruing obscene amounts of wealth in the last several decades, enabling them to pull the puppet strings of our elected officials, and to buy out the alberta government a long time ago, turning us into nothing short of a petrostate.

i think it's time to #OccupyTheAlbertaLegislature

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