Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Support Our Troops?

A group of  US Army soldiers in Afghanistan killed innocent civilians and then posed with their bodies. On Monday, March 21, 2011, SPIEGEL published some of the photos.

How many "exceptions" like this must we tolerate? How many more scenes of dehumanizing barbarity do we have to witness before we realize that this is the norm of war?
War is always a war against civilians. When you go to war against a tyrant, who do you kill? You kill the victims of the tyrant.
War, because of what it does to human beings, cannot be justified. ~ Howard Zinn
This image shows the body of Gul Mudin, the son of a farmer, who was killed on Jan. 15, 2010. A member of the "kill team" is posing behind him.

In this image, a different soldier poses with the same corpse.

This photo of two dead men comes from the collection of one of the suspects.
If we really cared about "our troops" we would demand that they return home.
He's the one who gives his body as a weapon of the war, and without him all this killing can't go on. 
He's the Universal Soldier and he really is to blame. His orders come from far away no more. They come from here and there and you and me, and brothers can't you see, this is not the way we put the end to war. ~ from Universal Soldier - Buffy Sainte-Marie

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