Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amy Goodman - On Guns and A Grossly Outdated Second Amendment

ED ROLLINS: Democrats for four years controlled both the House and the Senate. If they wanted to pass gun control, they could have done it. You had a Democratic president who obviously would have signed it. He didn't. The bottom line today is the Second Amendment, as the Supreme Court has decided it, is the law of the land and I don't think there's a majority of Democrats and certainly not a majority of Republicans that are going to alter that.

GOODMAN: I want to say Ed's right that the Democrats could have done it, should have done it, and they still can with the Republicans. And when the founding fathers had their guns at home and were loading one bullet at a time, what would it take, something like five minutes, they never had any dream that people today could load in magazines and shoot off how many bullets a minute. I think we should take what the founding fathers' intent was all about and we should protect the people of this country.

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