Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fuck Alberta Rednecks

just saw a story on cfrn news about some fucking asshole who hit two bison last night at elk island national park with his dodge vehicle and just took off. he hit the first animal, left the scene, then a short while later hit and killed the second one and then sped away.

how fast must this piece of shit have been going? the speed limit is 60 km on the road going through the park which gives a person plenty of time to stop, day or night, if there are buffalo on the road. elk island is supposed to be a safe haven for these animals, it is their place. i am so fucking sick of ignorant, thoughtless alberta rednecks killing wildlife, destroying nature or defacing cultural heritage sites. fuck 'em all!

update 09-19-2012

from cbcnews.ca
A man who struck and killed two bison while driving through Elk Island National Park Wednesday morning will not be charged, according to RCMP.

Const. Shane Kitzman says the man was driving through the park at around 6:30 a.m. when his Dodge Ram hit the animals on the main road.

Kitzman says the park can be a dangerous place for drivers, especially in the early morning or late night.

"We always suggest for people driving through the park to obviously drive with caution as the buffalo do move slow,” he said.

how fast was this man driving? the posted speed limit gives motorists ample time to stop for animals on the road. clearly, the pickup truck owner was driving too fast and recklessly in a national park and now two buffaloes are dead because of his careless and thoughtless actions.

slow down in our national parks and have respect for the wildlife who live there is the message that needs to get through to people.

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  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Alberta is Full is Ignorant Stupid people,,,this place Sucks so bad !!
    Finding good people in Alberta is almost impossible,