Monday, August 13, 2012

Imagine - John Lennon - Olympics Closing Ceremony - London 2012

it was a beautiful rendition of imagine, exclusively remastered by yoko ono for the olympics closing ceremony in london. yet when yoko uploaded the video of her husband singing his song to her youtube channel so she could share that moment with the world...

the fucking International Olympic Committee blocked it!

it's all about property and profit, corporate sponsorship and advertising, isn't it IOC? imagine no possessions. i wonder if you can, y'cunts! come on now IOC, gimme some truth!
glimpse the truth behind the veil and watch Olympic Goodwill Image Belied by Arrests, Censorship and Corporate Ties Behind London Games, from Democracy Now! 07-31-2012

below is yoko's husband singing his song imagine, that she uploaded to vimeo for all to see. right on yoko! fuck the IOC and the plutocratic corporatists! imagine all the people sharing all the world. the days of ayn rand's selfish individualism and milton friedman's disaster capitalism are numbered. a new era is dawning, and the world will live as one.

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