Monday, June 25, 2012

The Sky Is Pink - by Josh Fox

THE SKY IS PINK from JFOX on Vimeo.

from the creator of gasland.

"naturally occurring methane in the water supply", say supporters of fracking. how typical. the excuse is similar to the one the alberta government uses for why people living downstream of the tar sands are suffering from higher rates of cancer, and why there are deformed fish in the athabasca river, and why there are moose with arsenic 453 times above safe levels. they say any toxins found in the air or water are "naturally occurring" with industry adding nothing. unbelievable! they must think we all just fell off the back of a turnip truck to buy such utter dishonesty.

"science shows that these claims (by government and industry) are preposterous. how do we know that climate change is real? how do we know that tobacco kills people? how do we know that acid rain is caused by burning coal in power plants? the answer is because we know through scientific studies and scientific understanding." ~ naomi oreskes, author of merchants of doubt

in canada and the united states science is increasingly under attack by governments who want to muzzle evidence and have the truth suppressed, because once people find out what it is really happening it will affect industry's profits. the oil and gas sector has a phenomenal amount of money and power and uses it to influence our elected representatives. meanwhile, everyday people are left to breathe in the polluted air, drink the poisoned water, and eat the food made toxic by chemicals leaching into the soil.

industry's motivation is to continue to make a lot of money. they become very upset with anything that stands in the way of achieving their goal of maximizing profits. therefore, whatever they do, and whatever they say must be scrutinized by us with critical examination, to guard against the risks to our health and safety, and to insure natural ecosystems remain unpolluted and intact.

formerly, this was the job of government agencies. but today, the vast majority of those who hold office have become nothing more than a bought and sold mouthpiece for corporate interests.

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