Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Edmonton 10-15-2011

Some sights from Occupy Edmonton, October 15, 2011

We Are The 99%!

We Will No Longer Remain Silent!

gathering in churchill square

a great sign from one of the beautiful people

this one really sums it up

i like that, "kick the fossils out of politics". government by, for and of the people...not by, for and of the oil and gas companies

alberta and canada have turned into a petrostate

good to see linda duncan there. NDP MP for my riding in edmonton strathcona...YAY! the only non-tory riding in alberta

capitalism is an evil system

take the corporate influence out of politics

"We must realize that growth is but an adolescent phase of life which stops when physical maturity is reached. If growth continues in the period of maturity it is called obesity or cancer. Prescribing growth as the cure for the energy crisis has all the logic of prescribing increasing quantities of food as a remedy for obesity." ~ American physicist Albert Bartlett


the people have awoken

on the march! We Are The 99%!

anonymous dude

end corporate captivity...and i would add, wage slavery as well

these guys were generating a lot of favorable responses from passing motorists

people of all ages having fun in the new revolution

 let's move beyond our polluting addiction to oil toward clean, renewable energy sources

everybody's getting along

a wonderful diversity of people

clean land, air and water belongs to everyone. let's be responsible stewards and care for this planet and all its inhabitants.

one gets the feeling that anything is possible now. from minor reform to total revolution. OccupyTogether!

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