Monday, September 26, 2011

Lawrence O'Donnell on Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street

from the last word with lawrence o'donnell 09/26/2011

full clips of the clash between demonstrators at occupy wall street and the police.

apparently, the cop who pepper sprayed the girl in the video is Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna.

those "peace" officers who stand idly by while innocent people are being mistreated, give their tacit consent to the violence being perpetrated by their fellow cops. they are therefore just as guilty as those who commit these heinous acts.

even if we grant that the "few bad apples" who carry out the clubbing, pepper spraying and roughing up of individuals are not the majority of those who make up the police force, the number of officers who allow this kind of brutality to take place by not stepping in to prevent it, surely are, as this video demonstrates, the vast majority.

it is the responsibility of the police to protect people from those who would cause them harm, but when it is the police who are doing the harming (sanctioned by the state and the courts), where are the people to turn?

calling all cops who still have a conscience and a sense of moral justice...come out, come out wherever you are! protect and serve. stand up for what is right! stand up for the democratic principles which make your nation great! the people demand it, and more importantly, honesty, integrity and a world where all have a right to exist without fear of exploitation, oppression and having their voices and interests silenced demands it!

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