Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How Many More? - original song

how many more
angry people do there have to be
raising their fist in defiance
and uniting in the street

how many more
policemen on the beat
are gonna brutalize our brothers and sisters 

just for demanding their equality
how many more

how many more
lies do we have to hear
before we can know what is real
and overcome imaginary fears

how many more
chances are we gonna get
to correct the mistakes we have made
before it's too late and we're dead
how many more

we're profiting from poisoning ourselves
it's off to war creating our own hell
to keep the rich securely at the top
but we're the only ones to make it stop

how many more
hungry people do there have to be
living on a dirty city corner
'cause of somebody else's greed

how many more
things to worship do we need
never mind the other who has nothing
just protect my property

how many more

how many more
fucking times are we gonna drill
so that a few can get even richer while there
are millions that'll be killed

how many more
days are gonna pass us by
before we consider what we're doing
and stop to question why
how many more

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