Monday, May 16, 2011

Ignorant Rednecks Get Stuck by North Saskatchewan River

in the southwest corner of edmonton toward the end of 199 st around woodbend and big island, there is an area near the north saskatchewan river with wetlands, poplar forests and wildlife. it is here that a company, kanata, wants to create a gravel pit to extract sand to build roads or whatever it is one does with extracted sand.

the company is a metis cultural enterprise that says this project will create jobs. fucking sell-outs. once again it is monied interests that win out over pristine nature. i thought native people were supposed to care about the environment, not rape the earth for the sake of a dollar.

at any rate, i wanted to check out the area in question for myself so i went down to take a look at it. it's hard to get to because private property blocks the way to the river and there are many signs that say no trespassing. i guess as long as you have the money, you can take away what rightfully belongs to all, namely the enjoyment of wild nature.

i saw more than a few signs that said "stop the gravel pit", but it seems to me that the rich property owners around there care more about "not in my backyard" than they do about not destroying nature. if they cared about nature they wouldn't have these huge properties and houses that are responsible for already displacing much of the wildlife.

when i finally did find a spot to walk to the river, the area was crisscrossed with rutty 4X4 tracks; and here and there lay empty beer cans and cardboard cases. it was a real pity. this was indeed a beautiful place but this didn't seem like wild nature to me.

wherever there is something beautiful in the natural world, businesses are out to exploit it, or fucking rednecks are out to destroy it. the ignorant redneck way of  "enjoying nature" is drinking beer outside and killing animals.

and then i came upon these two beer-swilling cunts who got a little more than they bargained for from mother nature...

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