Friday, February 25, 2011

Fuck You Judge Dewar

If you are a rape victim, you better hope you don't have "Justice" Robert Dewar presiding. He said, and I quote, "sex was in the air" that night in 2006 near Thompson, Manitoba when a woman was sexually assaulted. Dewar went on to point out that she and her friend were wearing tube tops, high heels and lots of makeup. The rapist was not given any jail time and is allowed to roam free in the community with a conditional sentence.

The bottom line is this, that a man is in control of his sexual urges and subsequent behavior, not the other way around. If he is not in control, then he could become a danger to others and cause them harm, as was the case here. This person needs to be taught how to respect the rights of individuals not to have harm inflicted upon them.

In the same way a person who decides to drink too much and get behind the wheel of an automobile is responsible when he causes injury or death to another, a man is responsible for raping a woman, regardless of how she is dressed or what may have happened earlier in the evening, when that woman expresses her desire for him to stop. Drunkenness or horniness is not a legitimate excuse for hurting another.

If a cop yells, "Stop" and you don't, he can shoot you. If a woman dressed provocatively is being raped and yells, "Stop" it would seem, according to Judge Dewar, she should just shut up and take it because she was asking for it.

It just goes to show you that whatever rights people may have struggled to gain in the past, they can easily be stripped away. This is a remarkable step backwards for a so called democratic society.

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